If you’re new to LICs or want to invest with one, Global Master’s Fund can help. Below is everything you need to know before making your investment

What is an LIC?

Unlike other businesses, the core function of LICs is to invest. They are listed on the ASX and offer a unique opportunity whereby their sole purpose is to promote investment across various stocks. To invest with an LIC, the investor would purchase equity in the company. That equity — which is managed by a specialist management team — can then be sold across various stock exchanges.

LICs are closed-ended, meaning they experience some restrictions with respect to the number of shares they can make or cancel. While this may seem like a limitation, it means that we are able to protect our investors during times of high demand.

The Different Types of LICs

Depending on which type of investment you’d like to make, there are four categories. Those categories are:

  • Australian shares — equity in companies onshore
  • International shares — equity in offshore companies
  • Private equity funds —  equity in unlisted companies
  • Specialist funds — equity in specific sectors

 Is an LIC right for me?

When looking at LIC investments in Australia, it’s important to first consider:

  • What you are investing in 
  • Fund management and asset types
  • The LICs return goals
  • How the investment will complement or hinder your portfolio
  • How it will affect your overall investment objectives

Looking for a Reputable LIC? Invest With Global Masters Fund

When it comes to seeking reputable listed investment companies, there is no comparison. With over fifteen years of industry experience, we at Global Masters Fund are among some of the best Australian LICs on the ASX. To learn more about us and how we can help you secure shares in premium global assets, reach out via our contact page.